A Mighty Bug 5 Christmas
Mighty Bug 5 episode Season 0, Episode 1
Air date Christmas 2016
Written by Robert Scull
Directed by Mark Salisbury

Michael Lennicx

Storyboarded by {{{storyboard}}}
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A Mighty Bug 5 Christmas is a Christmas special and the Unoffical 1st Episode of Mighty Bug 5


Tonight is a Holiday

The Christmas Carol


The episode starts with Mr. Bigsnail (Fred Tatasciore) greeting the viewers happy holidays, and then he reads the story

Act 1Edit

Everyone in Yeradley is getting ready for the holidays, especially for the Christmas night. Jason (Noah Schnapp) and Antny (Aiden Lewandowski) are Delivering Presents for the People of Bug St. They are Shocked to Find out that the Last Present Belongs to Grumpy old Mr. Ginton (Edward Asner). They go to his House to Find their Friend, Tough Girl Lizzie (Bella Stine) Shovelling Snow in his Driveway, but He isn't in his Home. But Lizzie Interrupts them by saying they're Late for Band Practise

Act 2Edit

Jason, Antny and Lizzie meet their Band Members, Fast-Talking Worm, Parnell (Chris Parnell) and Beautiful Ladybug, Catybug (Tara Strong) as they Preform their New Festive Song, Tonight is a Holiday. After the Song is done, Mr. Bigsnail tells them that Mr. Grump has been kidnapped by Freezer (Weird Al Yankovic)