Dana's Home is a American CGI-animated computer animated sitcom that originally aired from 2001 to 2006 on TV64 (now DPS).
Dana's Home title card

Dana's Home screenshot.png

Seasons Edit

Dana's Home Season 1

September 2nd,2001-February 24th,2002
Dana's Home Season 2 May 3rd,2002-October 13th,2002
Dana's Home Season 3 November 10th,2002-March 30th,2003
Dana's Home Season 4 June 30th,2003-November 30th,2003
Dana's Home Season 5 March 5th,2004-January 14th,2005
Dana's Home Season 6 January 22nd,2005-March 22nd,2006

Awards and Nominations Edit

1.Became international 3D animated series of the year on 2002 2.Won 1st place at the animated on the summer of 2002. 3.It was nomited as watching this most watchable shows in 2003. 4. Won for best 3d animated sitcom during the 2003 TV64 Comedy Awards. 5.In 2004 Trey Games has originally going to be a feature film based on the series, but got cancelled. 6.In 2006 fans started to be bored with the show.

Home media releaseEdit

The VHS of Season 1 was released on the fall of 2002 The VHS of season 2 was released on the summer of 2003 THe VHS of season 3 was released on the spring of 2004 The DVD & VHS release of Season 4 was released on the summer of 2005. The DVD & VHS release of Season 5 was released on the fall of 2005. The DVD & VHS release of Season 5 was released of the winer of 2006. The DVD & HD-DVD release of Season 6 was released on the fall of 2006. The Complete Series of Dana's Home was released on the fall of 2010.

Cancellation Edit

In 2006 TV64 cancelled the series due to low ratings. The final episode aired three month before Trey Games death.


Reruns of the show currently air on MkShinx Channel. In 2011 the series aired reruns for the 10th anniversary of the series on DPS. The series formerly aired rerun on VTV until networks closure on June 6, 2015.


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