Megalo Strike Back is an spanish Fanmade Tv series created by SonrisitasParodyFans, in this serie seven unknown students are atraped, this is an sequel of an lost brazilan serie. The serie belong to the Multi proyect by Tesla Network.

The serie is Mystery type.

The series was originally to be an season 1, but later was confirmed an Season 2, finally the series is cancelled along with the dubs.


  • B
  • P
  • C
  • D
  • A
  • L
  • G
  • Megalo (Antagonist)


Season 1 (2016)Edit

Season 1 have 8 episodes, originally it was the only planned season.

Spanish English Spanish Airdate English Airdate
El de Nuevo He Back October 5, 2016 November 2, 2016
Despues de Eso After That October 6, 2016 November 3, 2016
Un dia inesperado Unexpected Day October 10, 2016 November 4, 2016
Megalo Megalo October 11, 2016 TBA
La trampa de las Sombras Shadow Trap October 12, 2016 TBA
Sin razones especificas No Specific reasons October 13, 2016 TBA
7 muertos 7 Dies October 14, 2016 TBA
Final Finale October 16, 2016 TBA

Cast and DubEdit

Note: An * means these character doesnt was dubbed

Original DubEdit

  • Kaihimal Martinez as B
  • Alfonso Soto as P
  • Renzo Jimenez as C
  • Luis Perez Pons as D
  • Lileana Chacón as A
  • Luis Miguel Pérez as L
  • José Manuel Vieira as G

Megalo 'iidrab 'ila alkhlf (Egyptian Dub)Edit

  • B (S): Khaled Essawy
  • P (I): Ibrahim Ghareib
  • C (H): Adel Khalf
  • D (M): Diaa Abdel Khalek
  • A (S): Iman Ghoneim
  • L (A): Ahmed Khairy
  • G (F): Shehab Ibrahim

Megalo štrajk natrag (Croatian Dub)Edit

  • S: Ronald Zlabur
  • P: Luka Peros
  • S/K: Goran Malus
  • D/G: Robert Ugrina
  • A/L: Nikica Vidicic
  • L: Nikola Marjanovic
  • G: Jose Manuel Vieira*

English DubEdit

  • B/S: Tom Kenny
  • P: Bill Fagerbakke
  • C/S: Rodger Bumpass
  • D/M: Clancy Brown
  • A/S: Carolyn Lawerence
  • P: Doug Lawrence
  • G: Tom Kenny

Finnish DubEdit

  • B/P: Juha Paananen
  • P: Pasi Ruohonen
  • C/J: Pauli Virta
  • D/E: Arto Nieminen
  • A/S: Jenni Sivonen
  • P/S: Markus Bäckman
  • G/K: Jose Manuel Vieira*


Channel Dub Hour
Saikou TV Latin Spanish 10:30 AM
Discovery Multi Egypthian Arabic 6:45 AM
Fox Croatian 7:00 AM
Sony Finnish 7:50 AM
Universal Channel English 8::40 AM


  • G is the only who is not dubbed in Finnish and Croatian Dubs

Multi ProyectEdit

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