The sixth season of the American animated sitcom Linner, created by Trey Games (later Donovan Shavis), originally aired on September 24, 1999 & ended on December 30, 1999 on TREtv (now DPS]]) in the United States. This season marks the original cancellation of Linner before the 2014 revival. The DVD was released on October 5, 2010 by DPS Home Entertainment. Linner was originally cancelled on December 30, 1999 due to low ratings. This was the last season of Linner to have traditional cel animation before moving to Flash in the 2014 revival.


1. Linner's Dreamcast Original air date: September 24, 1999

2. Linner's Suspension: Original air date: October 1, 1999 

3. Linner's Halloween VI Original air date: October 29, 1999

4. Linner's iMac Original air date: November 5, 1999

5. Linner's Job Original airdate: November 12, 1999

6. Held Back Original air date: November 19, 1999

7.Linner's Final Thanksgiving Original air date: November 22, 1999

8. Linner's Nintendo 64 Original air date: November 26, 1999

9. Linner's Preschool Episode Original air date: December 10, 1999

10. Linner's Last Christmas Original air date: December 17, 1999

11. Linnerlennium Original air date: December 30, 1999

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