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Linner had been canceled in 1999 due to low ratings, but was revived by DPS after reruns by VTV became the networks best program. The first episode of Season 7 aired on August 1, 2014. Unlike the original six seasons, the revived season is rated TV-14 instead of TV-G & TV-Y7. This marks the only season to air on DPS,before the networks shut down on June 6, 2015.


1. Linner Returns Original air date August 1, 2014.

2. Linner vs. Sumo Original air date August 8, 2014

3. Reunion Original air date August 15, 2014

4. Lame Day Original air date August 22, 2014

5. Linner's Vine Original air date August 29, 2014

6. Free Car Original air date September 5, 2014

7. Jobs Original air date September 12, 2014

8. Linner Day Afternoon Original air date September 19, 2014

9. Scary Movie Original air date September 26, 2014

10. Linner's Tinder Original air date October 3, 2014

11. LH15: Linner's Halloween 15 Years Later Original air date October 17, 2014

12. CVS Original air date November 7, 2014.

13. MONEYLinner Original air date November 14, 2014.

14. Linner's Thanksgiving Special Original air date November 21, 2014

15. The New Neighbors Original air date March 6, 2015

16. Linnerburg Original air date March 6, 2015

17. Linner goes to Taco Bell Original air date May 1, 2015.

18. My Little Linner Original air date May 8, 2015

19. Age of Ultron Parody Original air date May 15, 2015

20. Sumo's Letter Blues Original air date May 24, 2015

21. Linner's Tinder Original air date June 3, 2015

Home media releaseEdit

The seventh season of Linner was on DVD & Blu-Ray on June 5 2015. This marks the last Linner DVD to be released by DPS Home Entertainment before the company's shut down. This marks the first Linner season to be released on Blu-Ray.


Since DPS Networks shut down their channels on June 6, 2015. Season 8 will move to KRUB Cable on June 8, 2015. This marks the first season to air after the network closure of DPS. 

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