The Champ Family

Opening title card from Seasons 1-15.

Champ Family 80s card

Title card opening from Season 16 to Season 20.

The Champ Family
is a American sitcom aired from June 10, 1967 & ended on June 13, 1987 on The Jungle Channel (which is now Jungle). The Champ Family is Jungle's longest running sitcom.

DVD ReleasesEdit

Jungle Home Entertainment released all 20 seasons of The Champ Family on DVD between 2001 to 2008.

Season Region 1
The Champ Family Seasons 1&2 May 5, 2001
The Champ Family Seasons 3&4 June 11, 2001
The Champ Family Seasons 5&6 November 11, 2001
The Champ Family Seasons 7&8 January 2, 2002
The Champ Family Seasons 9&10 February 5, 2002
The Champ Family Seasons 11&12 May 6, 2002
The Champ Family Seasons 13&14 March 8, 2003
The Champ Family Seasons 15&16 May 5, 2004
The Champ Family 17&18 September 5, 2005
The Champ Family: The Final Two Seasons June 9, 2008
The Champ Family: The Complete Series May 25, 2010
The Champ Reunion June 5, 2011

Reunion specialEdit

On June 5, 2011, a reunion special called The Champ Reunion was produced at the Jungle Channel starring three members of the original cast. In July 3, 2011, the special was released on the app Jungle Now. 

A second reunion special titled The Champ Famil-e-union premiered to Jungle Channel on June 10 & 11, where classic episodes were replayed while they share various moments from making the series. 

The Champ Reunion

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