The Late Night Sessions was a horror anthology series aired from 1994 to 1997 on USA Network

Structure Edit

Each episode spanned 20 minutes. Most are loose adaptations of stories from other fellow anthology programs or continuations with more of the same cast. They tend to feature a mix of horror and black comedy and almost each of them end with a happy ending. Laney has claimed that this was done to help diversify this show from the competition.

The series was produced by Laney/Novice Productions, Hallmark Entertainment, Atlantis Films, Trilogy Entertainment Group and USA Studios.

Production Edit

The series was created by Frank Novice and Lily Laney, best known for their films The Huntsman and Family Trip. They wanted to expand to television to test new fields and wound up collaborating with producer Pen Densham. Novice and Laney ran into trouble getting a network to pick it up. They intended to go with a cable network, but their choices either passed or already had a flagship anthology horror series that has or was currently airing. They eventually struck a deal with USA Network and a pilot was made and released in 1994. The series officially began in March of 1995 and ended in November of 1997.