# Name Episode Information
1 The Garden A girl suspects that her grandmother is a murderer who hides the bodies of her victims in her vegetable garden.
2 Bowling for Life The wife of a man (Jason Alexander) challenges him to a bowling match to evoke her superiority, and the man convinces her to bet her soul.
3 Laboral Strike A woman is forced to take the shift of another employee who died of unknown causes, unaware of what his shift entails.
4 Marathon A boy who gets abused by his father (Howard Morris) convinces him to enter an upcoming bicycle race. The father soon encounters the abuse he delivers to his son.
5 Kid TV A deranged public access host (Barry Bostwick) who lures kids to his home and murders them is subject to hauntings by the spirits of the children he killed.
6 Birth A promiscuous woman (Sally Field) becomes impregnated by an alien disguised as a man. The alien baby mutates her body and the man's parents attempt to claim the child.
7 The Gift of Life A telemarketer (Greg Itzin) is given the ability to bring people back to life. However, for every person he revives, one that's close to him will die.
8 Bonding A mother attempts to bond with her family, but learns she is out of place.
9 Justice Served A man goes to court and clashes with a judge who seemingly has it out for him.
10 Key Component A girl harasses her twin brother, wishing to assert her independence.
11 God's Word A devout Christian (Warren Beatty) meets a man who claims to be his son.
12 Grandpa A mother and her son question why grandpa is still alive, unaware of the events detailing how he supposedly died.
13 Scared Straight Siblings get sent to prison, and the brother shows no concern for his sister.
14 The Cellar A building contractor (Jon Lovitz) is too cowardly to enter the cellar of his house, attributing it to the presence of a lurking figure. His skeptic wife goes to great lengths to subdue his cowardice.
15 Mousey A girl is turned into an anthropomorphic mouse by her eccentric father as punishment for missing her curfew.
16 The Essence After moving into a new house, a man becomes possessed by the spirit of the former owner.
17 Changes A boy who has nothing in common with his family believes himself to be adopted and he attempts to confirm it, but the answer isn't what he's hoping for.
18 Mystery Meat A teenage boy realizes that the people that torment him are slowly disappearing.
19 Point of View A father attempts to get his son into an old show he likes, unaware that his son is taking inspiration from the show
20 Dolly A girl steals a doll from her younger sister.
21 Retribution A movie director (John Ritter) is tormented by the spirits of an actor and two kids who died while undergoing a dangerous stunt he directed, and he is put through a nightmare that mirrors the scene itself.
22 Infestation A woman is plagued by roach infestations, and her exterminator is unable to rectify it.
23 Break the Cycle A man takes up martial arts to increase his self-esteem.
24 A Certain Smell A group of teenagers are unable to determine where a foul odor is coming from and have no memory of what happened the day before.
25 Nature A wasteful family camps out in the woods.
26 Men Are Pigs? Spiteful wives begin to turn into what they accuse their husbands of being.
27 Slits A vile-tempered man spends the night in a hotel and encounters a cat whom he unknowingly has more in common with than once thought.
28 Freaks A family is off-put by people they consider to be weird, but they soon realize that they're the weird ones.
29 Let Sleepers Lie and Keep their Possessions A boy torments a narcoleptic girl by stealing her stuff. He is dared into stealing her heart pills which kill her and lead to her haunting the boy, but is it just a dream?
30 Only Child A spoiled child is put against a soon-to-be born child, who seemingly replaces her.
31 Dead Before Alive An abortionist (Charles S. Dutton) who kills babies for enjoyment is haunted by the spirits of the unborn.
32 Food A boy mistreats his dog, and the dog is supposedly out to get him.
33 In My Shoes A cashier gets routinely tormented by a gang of teenagers, and she wishes they could feel her pain.
34 Greens A girl is able to turn anything into an edible veggie.
35 Homeless Two boys pretend to be homeless to get free money, but clash with a legitimate homeless man (Nick LaTour) with a grudge.
36 Toyshop Two feuding brothers (Barnard Hughes and Eddie Bracken) inherit a mystical toy store and have to deal with a group of spoiled kids that were the cause of their father's death.

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