The first episode ever is the first episode of MkShinx's World


SpongeBobSquarePantsYes DoraTheExplorerNo was being mean to CrazyBananaSniper so he tells NBC Peacock about SpongeBobSquarePantsYes DoraTheExplorerNo's behavior. After hearing Little Guy's behavior, Eevee eats DJ Frankie-O's. Then it cuts to Sing along song with Mewtwo. Mewtwo sings "Cheasty's Life " (while giving credit to DHX Media and Nintendo of America for the song). After the song there's Snubella, Then MkShinx gets angry. Then MkShinx fights Snubella, Then SuperMarioSuperDuper UltimateFanGuy tells Madi to come in to his house for a hangout, Then Pikachu didn't know that who put in Sing Along Songs with Mewtwo in the first place, Then Nathan Buede says "Does he sings it?", Then Evil Pikachu came, But then, the Pikachu fights the Evil Pikachu, then Evil Pikachu changes back to his normal self. Then it cuts to the clip where Zoura was playing the Jumpstart video game, when his bad friend named Madi tells him to get off the computer! But so on, MkShinx forced Zoura to turn off his computer, and Jacob was forced to do so, and starts crying. MkShinx tells Zoura that he's joking, which made Zoura sad, but really, angry! After the clip, MkShinx tells the Gang that she was going to a tea party and the episode ends.


The first episode ever!/Transcript



Cultural RefrencesEdit

Cheatsy's Life from SMW

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